The first Pancake shop of ‘Baresta LTD’ opened its doors on Easter Day in 1994, in the sea capital of Bulgaria, Varna. The stall enjoyed great interest from the citizens of Varna and a short while later, on the 6th July 1995, we opened the second establishment in the city of Burgas, which set the start of a large and fast-growing chain. Thanks to the unique recipe, the quality of the products we use and the high service standards, the NuCrema brand now is a chain of pancake kiosks in Bulgaria - the strongest and the largest of its class. At present we operate 30 different size kiosks with over 70 employees all along the Black Sea Coast.


We decided it was time to expand our business to a new level and in 2016 we registered ‘Baresta UK’

 and signed our first official contract outside of Bulgaria with the Hertfordshire University, Hatfield…and soon after The Mall Luton!


We transformed the traditional French ‘crêpe’ because we believe it isn’t just a dessert, but that a crêpe can also be a delicious shell for savoury meals! We believe the idea that a crêpe is essentially an envelope that can be filled with absolutely anything! NuCrema is both a savoury meal and a sweet dessert, made with the finest and healthiest ingredients. We offer customers fresh food made within minutes, complemented by our friendly service!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

NuCrema Team x